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Back in the early 2000 when Bonifacio Global City (BGC) has just begun to take shape, critics said that it doesn’t have anything special to offer. But fast forward to 2014, what started as a vision has become a reality. With its bustling neighborhood and thriving economy, BGC proved that it has what it takes to become one of the leading redevelopments in the country today. What was once used as a military base is now a multi-faceted community that fuses comfort and convenience in one great place.

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The district’s advance and well-thought of design rivals older urban development, including Makati City and good old Manila. It boasts a vibrant and an integrated community where green spaces and modern infrastructures complement each other, which is very different from what Bonifacio Global City looked like decades ago.

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In 2020, Bonifacio Global City will reach another milestone – its silver jubilee year. How do you think it will change? Here are four things that you should look forward to in its not-so distant future:

1. It will continue to be a major asset to the country’s economic growth.

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The growth of the Philippine real estate industry will remain positive according to a report from Manila Bulletin. As the country continues to be one of the competitive markets for business process outsourcing companies (BPO), bigger investment opportunities will open up and demand for office spaces will soar.

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Colliers International’s Research and Forecast Report mentioned that due to Makati City’s insufficient new office spaces supply, Bonifacio Global City will benefit since they have several office buildings slated for completion in the coming years. More businesses are also moving their headquarters or targeting to set up a branch office in BGC because it offers higher quality of office spaces and better working environment at almost the same price as that in Makati.

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This is also an enviable option for commercial purposes because of its competitive rental rates. Compared to the main financial district, taxes are also relatively lower in multiple industries including including distribution and manufacturing. Aside from big companies, many tech startups also call Bonifacio Global City home.

2. More self-sustainable communities within the city will be developed.

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Bonifacio Global City has found the right balance between developments and open spaces. Its master plan includes an efficient traffic system, comfortable pedestrian walkways, and well-distributed recreational areas.

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The rapid urbanization has changed the way people want to live. They now prefer homes that have great amenities, are situated in a greener environment, and fit their lifestyles. To meet the demand for more compact and transit-friendly residences, some of the largest real estate developers in the Philippines are building mini-cities – called townships – within Bonifacio Global City.

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These townships, such as Uptown Bonifacio and Veritown Fort, will cater to the fast-paced lives of today’s modern urbanites and complement their cosmopolitan lifestyles. Luxury condominiums, high-end shopping malls, and even high-rise office buildings will complete its integrated setting.
Current and planned condominium projects are also including more exotic and luxurious amenities to make life in the city more pleasurable and convenient. Enjoying a strategic location in Bonifacio Global City, East Gallery Place is one such luxury condominium, and it’s expected to be turned over between 2019 and 2020.

3. Everyone will enjoy a balanced lifestyle and further community interaction.

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The master plan of Bonifacio Global City enables people to have easy and convenient access to everything – from grabbing a quick bite, hitting the gym, or hanging out with friends or colleagues after a busy day at work. This is why many real estate developers are integrating the live-work-play concept in their projects, so that people will have a better and more relaxed life.

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Bonifacio Global City’s commitment to providing a balanced lifestyle is translated into the various dedicated areas for arts and culture, leisure, and fitness. There are open parks such as Terra 28th and Track 30th, where people can play, exercise, and hang out. All these allow its residents and visitors to enjoy various activities without spending too much money, time, and effort. They also don’t need to leave the comforts of their city homes.

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As Bonifacio Global City aims to push for the growth and development of each individual, it will continue to provide different avenues for people to embrace and to showcase their creativity and develop their talents in different fields such as the BGC Impromptu. This program gives free permits that allows musicians and other street artists and performers to show off their craft to a wide audience.Through the events and programs that will be organized, more opportunities for community involvement will be created.

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The development of the Bonifacio War Tunnel into a historical museum is also underway. This 2.24-kilometer-long tunnel served as a depot for the military supplies of the Americans when Bonifacio Global City was still a military base. Its transformation is part of the efforts to modernize the city, while still paying homage to the rich past of BGC.

4. A cleaner, greener, and safer environment for a better urban experience.

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Bonifacio Global City has successfully risen above the many negative notions that go synonymously with urban living: congested and narrow roads, noise and pollution, and high crime rates. It has created a green, welcoming, and sustainable environment conducive for productive living.

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They have already developed innovative ways of keeping Bonifacio Global City clean, which include doing away with unflattering, tangled overhead power lines by putting these as well as the gas pipes underground. Aside from that, BGC takes pride in its five-story tank found below Burgos Circle. This is why it will remain one of the flood-free areas in Metro Manila.

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Bonifacio Global City will also continue to foster a clean and healthy environment thanks to the “Tutubi,” a bike-sharing system that the BGC management plan to implement in the area. This effort is in partnership with Asian Development Bank, who initiated the project to help minimize the country’s carbon footprint and energy consumption.

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Since Bonifacio Global City is also privately-owned, it will continue to be a safe haven for locals and expats who stay or work here. Roving guards and security officers will be present 24/7 to provide all the security you’ll need.


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